Thank you so much for visiting my website.

I am Saptadeep Chatterjee, owner of the brand 7thclick.

A former Banker, but now a Photographer by choice, I take every new day as a learning experience wherein I can create marvels for you. I have had the good fortune of working with the best brands and with some of the best creative people in various genres of Photography. Rather than going by the book, I always strive to seek stories and then show them creatively through my work. After all Photography is a way to show stories, emotions that make a moment.

I mostly work as a 1 man team (with the exception of Weddings/Events). Thus, hiring me is less of an hassle and always cost effective ;)              

My expertise include Photography of Stills, Time-lapses, Films, Corporate Films, Ad Films, Events, Weddings (Candid and Destination Weddings), Wedding Films, Baby Shoots, Product Shoots, Landscape, Concepts, and Creatives.