#YOU (Written for Womens Day 2015)

Happy Women’s Day to YOU. Happy 8th of March to YOU. 
Today is the day we use some of the wisest and the heaviest words and associate them with YOU. Words like strength, valour, powerful, pillar, honour, esteem, happiness and smiles. 
The other 364 days we will use words like ………well let’s not go into that.

Today is the day people will also wish YOU well and smile at YOU, ask you some very important questions (“what do you feel like doing today?”, “anything you say”). Some sophisticated phrases will also be used in YOUR honour (More power to you). In-fact some of us will even invent new phrases for the occasion.
The rest of the year….all our phrases will have a different flavour.

Today, a leading newspaper will have at least 10 half page advertisements and messages which will show the whole country how thoughtful they are and how responsibly they educate our society. 
The same leading newspaper would do an even better job at educating our society for the remaining 364 days of the year.

However, everything else will be just the same.
Today, the sky will be blue, the grass will be green. My city will be just as polluted.
The auto-walas will reject YOU just like everyday. We at the streets will stare at YOU just like we do all the time. YOU will feel as unsafe as YOU always feel. YOU will be highly mistaken if YOU think that today YOU can hang around with your friends at a bar at 11PM, while you enjoy a beer (let’s say that you are wearing a burqa), and not be judged. Even today, YOU will not be allowed to have chowmein.

But that’s how we are. That is how we want to make YOU feel special. We have dedicated this whole day for YOU. If you notice, this luxury is enjoyed by YOU only. We do not have a special day earmarked for us. Such is our justice. Don’t you see how considerate and un-selfish we are?

However, enjoy your day to the fullest. MORE POWER TO YOU. After all a day like this comes just once a year when we are supposed to love YOU, respect YOU and fulfil YOUR wishes and take care of YOUR concerns. Talk to YOU.

The rest of the year……..well, let’s talk some other time.