I hope this is just the beginning of a new trend in India. (TVF online series - PITCHERS)

Pitchers – Online Series by TVF – A review


The times are changing. Thank God for that!

I have been a fan of TV series’ of the west for quite some time now. Just like a lot of my friends and just like a lot of us living in the open wide world. There are so many factors which have contributed to the growing popularity if these TV shows in India. The amazing storylines, the scale of productions, lack of watchable content on Indian Television, the fact that these TV shows will have a Season Finale (a concept which is alien to Indian TV shows).

The era of Byomkesh Bakshi, Yule Love Stories, Rajni, Reporter, Wagle ki Duniya are long behind us. In the interim, Indian television has grown up with innumerable channels with innumerable shows but very finite content. Talent shows, daily soaps, news and cricket are what we have been dished out by the “creative media houses” in all these years. Our world and the meaning of entertainment had been given a horse’s view. The concept of a mini-series or even a finite series was nowhere in the picture. I used to miss it. I used to wonder why Indian Television doesn’t give them a try. It would surely work (assuming the story and execution is good enough)

Then came, 24. A start I guessed. But the heart and the mind was not waiting for a super-star driven filmy-ish  story line. It wanted something else. I don’t’ know what.

Now, The Viral Fever (TVF), a popular online channel has come up with an Online series called Pitchers.

Probably they are just like me. They have been a fan of the GOTs and Fargos of the world. They have been inspired by shows like Breaking Bad, Byomkesh Bakshi and The Big Bang Theory and have been bored by Indian Television at the same time. They wanted to create something meaningful off their own Indian minds.

However, this is not their first attempt at this. They did a small stint with a series called Permanent Room-mates. That was a sweet love story. Quirky at times. But it was a good start.

This time, the story is much more real. The scale is much bigger. The preparations are in place and workshops have been conducted. A lot of thought has gone into the production and some money has been spent on real locations too. The characters also seem less quirky and more life-like. The first episode has set the tone for a very interesting season.

This is exactly what we as audiences needed. Some finite stories. Episode wise. TVF has made a brilliant start and is helping us grow our taste beyond Indian Television (I guess that is exactly why their logo falls on a Television set and smashes it).

They have a long way to go. You will notice a few focussing issues with the camera work (or is it deliberate?). You will want much more from the actors (Arunabh – the brains behind TVF has tried his hand at acting too, but you can excuse his first attempt). Characters have to be built episode wise. But those things will happen. These guys are smarter than you and me.We should be really happy that there is a start. It will only get better from here. However, some of the actors are really good and seem seasoned enough to handle any role (Naveen).

So in a nutshell, Kudos to you guys. Hope you make Pitchers as good as you have planned. I hope you grow with every episode and then you go on to create something as brilliant as Breaking Bad. Someday. Maybe Better.

Watch the first Episode of PITCHERS on TVFPLAY. Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube on 10th June too. Support creativity.

P.S. I have not been paid to write this. I just wanted to spread the good word.