The Timelapse Projects

TIMELAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY is a technique, whereby we capture the Lapse/Passage of time. We normally are unaware of the movements of the shadows and clouds and other elements of time, but with this technique, we try to capture them and create narratives, which sometimes come out stunning.

Timelapse Photography gives us the unique experience of watching the natural progression of time, without having to wait for that whole time-period

 In other words, thousands of images are taken of a single scene for a considerable amount of time and then another couple of hours are put in at their processing to get a 10 second Timelapse footage. Its a technique which involves a lot of effort, not only at the shooting stage, but also at the post processing stage. However, when the final product comes out, more often than not, it makes all the efforts worthwhile.

Timelapses are perfect to show the beauty (and sometimes the scale) of nature, landscapes, events (musical festivals, open air events), factories, stories of a city and many more such subjects. It gives umpteen number of avenues to create Visual Story Telling concepts.

Timelapse Photography also has the potential to give us content at 4K resolutions (and 6k) which normal video cameras would not be able to achieve.

All Timelapse projects directed by ANURAG JETLY.

Asisstant Director and Second Camera SAPTADEEP CHATTERJEE (7thclick).