Gone are the days when a 4 or 5 hour long wedding video was made with that typical shehnai music playing in the background. None of the family members could ever get the time to watch the video in full and the makers also treated it in a way to just document the wedding without any extra creative efforts.

We do not do that.

We make WEDDING FILMS instead.

Wedding Films are a whole new concept and gives us Photographers/Wedding-Film Makers a lot of scope and opportunity to work at and create something like 'an experience'. It also lets us surprise the Bride and Groom and the whole family.

We infuse our creativity in presenting your wedding story. We induct anecdotes, emotions, music and actions from the real wedding. Our endeavor is to weave a memorable story around the Wedding Day and the celebrations. A story, which makes that special day, truly worth it.

The Wedding films that we make are Cinematic in nature. We make the movies in a way, that you and the family members would love to watch it for years to come

So give us a chance to make your Wedding Film. Let us weave your story. We are sure you will love it.