The dictionary describes the word CANDID as 'Truthful' and 'Straightforward'. In the language of Photography, however, 'Candid Photography' is considered an approach, where the emotion of that exact moment is captured without the knowledge of the subject. Where you take a picture without creating a posed appearance.

The moments make time and time makes our memories. A wedding is such a place which is filled with such moments of 'life'. It's such candid moments that our team of top photographers keep an eye for. 

We try to capture moments in all their truthfulness. We try to tell small stories through our images. Every wedding has a history, a reason and a story. Our endeavor, is that the images should convey that story.

As wedding photographers, we understand that the work we do holds good not just for that day, but also for many years to come.

The quality of the candid photography should be such that the images speak out the emotions better than the memories.

Years later, when you look at the photographs, they will be much more than mere documentation. The images that we create, the stories that we make, the moments that we capture, will fill up your heart with the same emotions.



Destination Weddings are the ones where we as artists, can really go creative with our Wedding Photography work. As photographers we love to travel and explore new places and meet new people and learn new experiences. This way we can blend the local favors of the places into our images and overall work. 

So if you are planning your big day at a destination, you can rest all you Photography worries with us. You just have to get us to the Venue and we will give you a coverage like you would have never seen. We will make your Wedding Film, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.